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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What a shitty week! That’s right, I started this post with a giant negative statement. Its taper week and Im pissy! Bite me! Just kidding J…kind of.


This is “A” race week for me. (Here comes the whoa as me part) If it could have gone wrong it did. Smashed into while in a taxi on a business trip, sick as hell and then an encounter with a local idiot business owner, have capped off what I would consider a shitty week. I digress, please read on. Seriously, its important!


The last 3 years have been tough for me with triathlon. <sniffle sniffle>  Suffering severe injury, several surgeries, a black out, crash and not having a solid group to lean on for support, to train with and have fun with, has really taken its toll. The PTC meant so much to me. I have lifelong best friends there, support that still is unwavering, contacts and people to lean on for advice, but its not the same when you cannot be there in person. This got so bad for me I almost hung up my triathlon gear this year. Chicky was sold and my focus shifted to road racing. (which is awesome and I love it- don’t give me any of that roadie shit…have I mentioned Im on a taper and feeling very antsy/pissy?) Until…. Keep reading.


Until I found the Atlanta Triathlon Club.


There are three parts to any race- physical conditioning, which we all over do; nutrition- which we almost never get right, and support. Support for me is the key to being successful in any facet of life. My wife is unbelievable! She supports every crazy thing I try and never questions it. (Coming home to spread mulch after Six-Gap can be a bit much, but you understand… love you honey J) Another part of that support is to have people to train with, talk to, eat with, drink and celebrate after. With the exception of my good friend Adam Teja, this has really been missing here in Atlanta. I found that camaraderie with cycling thanks to Darrell, Dave S., DC and again Adam, but never broke into it with triathlon… until recently. (keep reading! If I have to tell you again, so help me… ha!)


If you are going to do anything, anything at all, commit to it! Give it 100% and I promise, regardless of outcome, you will be satisfied knowing you gave it your all. When I joined the ATC this year that was my goal. Get involved. Give it my all! Commit to being an active, contributing member of the ATC! I love triathlon and losing the will to train and compete outright sucked! I’m no quitter and won’t stop until I have exhausted all possible avenues and the ATC was my last chance.


Since moving here I have been in contact with Jim Boylan and Bethany Rutledge. Two top personnel in the ATC who have always been inviting and nice. My location limited my participation with the club but we managed to keep in touch. Tami and I moved into the city last year and I decided to take a deeper look at the ATC as it was now feasible to participate. I went to the Energy Lab for a meeting and was extremely impressed by the facility.(go to EL, youll love it!) The people were nice and although being alone is always uncomfortable, I didn’t feel out of place. The ATC is run much differently than the PTC and an option to join as a limited member seemed like a good place to start. I had access to the forums, sponsors and more importantly- triathletes! This is where I began and started giving it 100%! I did! I jumped in and started posting on the forums, asking questions, giving input and getting some good feedback. (Pretty sure I pissed some people off as well but hey- that’s not always a bad thing if positive outcome is the end result)


From there I began to get involved on a personal level and took the leap of becoming a swim coach. Another opportunity came and I jumped on that to train the Time Warner Triathletes.(Yes! You are all triathletes!!!)


Is the 100% effort becoming apparent? Stay with me…come on!!


The best part about this- I am having a blast!!


Monday night swim at Mercer University is obviously the best anywhere… (I might be a bit biased but who cares, its my blog) Why? My new friend and awesome swim coach, Matt Gardner runs it! The regulars who come- WOW do we have fun!! From the inspiring beginners like Earl- who just completed his first tri- to the lane who I handicap when racing relays, its never dull, always a blast and gives me so much more than I could ever give them.


My coaching with Time Warner is much the same. Wednesday night means coming home on a high! I have witnessed individuals go from not being able to swim whatsoever, to competing this weekend in their first tri!! You guys are awesome!! Im proud of you!! Your dedication and commitment is awe inspiring!! You WILL cross that line!!!


So when a week like this happens and I find myself looking for that extra bit of umph to get back to the ROAR of my taper and FIRE for racing, I need that support. Once again, my wife, Adam, brothers in Pittsburgh all came through and guess what- so did my new triathlon family, THE ATC!!  Pete, your post is greatly appreciated- Thank you!!


150 of the ATC will be taking on the Lake Lanier Tri while another 40 of us, plus spectathletes will be taking on Augusta 70.3!! Lewis the Alpaca has been welcomed and will be wearing the ATC colors while giving energy and cheering all day!! The tent will be up, the music loud and we are going to burry ourselves…together!!!  You rock ATC!! Thank you!!


Race hard!! When you think you can’t push any harder, dig deep, find it, and never forget, WE are there with you!!


L E T ‘ s    R A C E ! ! ! ! !


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  1. Hi Ryan! It's Janet from Turner! I just wanted to let you know that I've loved reading your blogs. I am so happy that despite the gastric distress, Augusta was a positive experience for you. Sounds like you (much like Stella) got your groove back. I had an awesome time doing the Lake Lanier Tri and am definitely hooked and can't wait to do another race. Working with you and Tim to build back my swimming endurance brought back everything I loved about swim team as a kid. Who knew that at 50 I'd still be able to find the same joy. But the comraderie with both of you as well as all of the other Turner peeps made it so fun to train. If you send me your email, I will send some pics from the race -- Hope to see you soon! I am so proud of you. BTW -- your blog on Sparkle made me cry and wish I was nearly as good a person as you are! :) J